Understanding search engine results 

What do you see when you perform a search ? 

Searching (or using keywords)  

Every time we search, using a search engine like Google, we are actually entering "keywords" or "keyword phrases".  
What gets returned depends on where you are, what you have looked at before, and how well the search engine algorithm thinks your web page matches the requirements of the search term. 
Most of us use Google ... its a search engine 
Some of us use Bing if we like a little distraction in our lives 
And some use Yahoo if we really want a lot of distraction ... 

So what happens when you perform a search using keywords ? 

You get presented with lots of information ... which is split into three sections 

Firstly you get Google Adwords  

It's how Google makes it's money (or Bing or Yahoo depending on which search engine you are using). Quite simply you pay for the position.  
How much you pay depends on how well the page that the ad directs you to (the "landing page") matches the search term, how much other companies are willing to pay to appear for the same search term (their "maximum bid price") 
With Adwords, you need to know your 
Average profit per sale (and that means the value of the customer) 
conversion rate (%)  
From empirical evidence, the conversion rate is usually 1% (actually 25% of all adwords accounts have conversion rates that equal this figure) and you are really doing well if you hit 2%. 
The golden equation to remember is : 
Break Even Cost Per Click (CPC) = Profit Per Sale x Conversion Rate  
Whether you engage in an adwords campaign (and there is an awful lot more to it than presented here .. ) depends on whether it is profitable to do so, and what margin is acceptable in your business. 
The table shown here details what happens to your profit per sale for typical conversion rates, and what happens if you don't keep a tight reign on your average cost per click (Av CPC) - and these are real figures from actual campaigns. 
A Sale that would usually net £1000 profit dips to £350 profit (only one conversion every 2 months with a conversion rate of 1%) 
Your actual visit numbers can be found by looking at Google Adwords (if you have them running) or extrapolated from your Google Webmaster and Google Analytics data (you are asking how customers who contact you found out about you ... yes ... ?) 
Need help with your  
Google Adwords campaigns? 
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Next you get Google My Business listings  

Not on Google My Business?  
(Please note the name may change ... Google keeps morphing it)  
If local business is important to you then you need to be there to have a chance of showing up on the small map - or the larger map if anyone is geeky enough to expand it, that is of course unless you are a web design company looking for more business - but remember there are only 3 slots available unless you click on "More Places".  
And guess what ... it needs to be tied into your website and be optimised for the particular keyword used in the search and updated regularly. You don't just sign up to Google My Business and magically appear in the top three positions - unless you have no competition. 
The good news is that virtually no one does this right, so if you do it correctly, or you get someone to do it for you that knows what they are doing, you have every chance of getting one of those top three positions. 
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And then you get your organic listings  

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