Creating a custom google map and embeding it in your website 

Sometimes you want to tell people where you are, or what areas you cover. You can clearly do this with a list of locations, towns, counties etc, but often you want to put an image on you site. 
Using a custom google map, you can show individual locations with different coloirs, or draw areas on a map, add photos and videos to specific points and make a list of places come alive. 
This quick overview will tell you how to create the map and what to do with it once you have created it. 

Things you need to create a custom google map 

Things you will need 
a gmail account - you just cant get away from having one. google is everywhere 
.... and thats about it really ... so if you havent got one go here and create one. 
Oh yes, and by embedding the map, and not copying it you are not in breach of copyright ... happy days :) 

How to create your custom map and show specific information 

Sign in to Google Maps using the Sign in button in the top right corner of the map. If you're already signed-in, you'll see your google profile picture. 
In the top left corner of the map you will see the box below. Click on the menu icon (the three horizontal lines) 
Click My Maps. 
click Create and your own private map will open up. it is quite simple to edit, if in trouble you can look at the google help page here 
Once you have created your make, you need to "share it" and make it publicly visible, If you are having trouble see the google help page here 
Having made the map public, you now want to get the code to embed the map on your site.  
the code that google gives you is something like : 
<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe> 
to embed it on your Itseeze site, all you need to do is strip out the unnneccesary coding (as Itseeze do the hard stuff for you) to the following 
then select the iframe component (its in the "structure" tab within the editor, you have to scroll down as it is not immediately obvious that it is there) set a few parameters (the height of the frame) and paste in the stripped out iframe code .. and voila ... your map appears on your website, just how you want it !