What is happening on your website and how can you improve its performance ? 

Your website is live, you've sat back, and the phone hasn't been ringing off the hook, and the emails haven't been flooding in either.  
If you have ever asked yourself "why?" but been bewildered by the effort required to understand where you look and what you do then the following pages on websites, the Internet, traffic and tools will be of help. 
It will also give you an insight into what Itseeze Camberley does for its clients - and if you feel that you should be working on your business not in it then give us a call and find out how easy it can be to get your website running properly 

Search engines, search engine optimisation and the ingredients of your website 

Don't even try to outsmart search engines, and don't believe everything you read about "google ranking lists", there are lists, damned lists and ranking factor lists, and there is as much debate out there as to what is and what isn't important as there are "SEO experts"  
The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors is part of Search Engine Land's detailed article on the topic of search engine optimisation which is reproduced below (click on the image to enlarge it) . It attempts to group the important factors and their interrelation with each other in a pictorial form.  
For those not of a feint heart you can find further information here > 
Alternatively, take a quick look at the above video and just hold the "ingredient list" in your mind ....  
Words in Links 
The information that follows is a summary of what works on over 120 local business websites. The good news is that probably most of your competitors ignore even the basic SEO practices. The bad news is that unfortunately, so will you after your initial enthusiasm wears off if you are "doing it yourself". 
We all need to work on our business not in it, but the harsh realities of many small businesses are that we end up working in the business, and unfortunately that's when, in terms of your websites effectiveness, it all begins to slip ... 

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Some further viewing about what is search engine optimisation 

What is SEO? 

An excellent introduction to "what is SEO ?" that whilst being nearly an hour in length is well worth sitting through especially for the typically no nonsense Australian approach and debunking of a number of myths and untruths that some "SEO Experts" would have us all believe. 

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