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Website Design Vs Website Editing  

When we talk about website design what do we actually mean?  
If you have a wordpress website, then you will be familiar with themes and third party widgets etc, the design is constrained by the chosen theme, and the use of third party widgets to enhance operation, whilst free, can often lead to security vulnerabilities when wordpress itself gets updated to fix bugs and close previously identified security weaknesses. 
So if the site structure is already defined in the Theme, are you getting a website designed, or is the website just an edited theme? 
The powerpoint presentation video (50 seconds in duration) serves as an introduction to this question and formed part of a 10 minute feature presentation given to a local Business Networking Group meeting in Camberley, Camberley BNI. It asks the question "Website Design or Editing?"  
The accompanying video below (10 minutes in duration) gives a practical demonstration of creating a webpage using the Itseeze Editing Suite with audio description. 

The Itseeze website creation process 

The Itseeze website design team
Whether it is website design, or website editing, Itseeze Camberley creates websites by producing a design brief following client meetings which is uploaded via the Itseeze Design Portal. From this our team of professional website developers (coding experts) and website designers (graphic designers and layout specialists) create a bespoke website, no pre defined themes or restrictions 

Website Design - pre going live 

Pre launch (or setting your website live in the internet) is where the hard website design work occurs, and focuses on the following:  
Website design - pre launch

Website Functionality 

Itseeze website functionality
The functionality of the website, what it does and how it does it, is defined in the Itseeze Website Design Brief. In most cases websites can be constructed using existing modules that appear in the editing system under the "extras" tab. If the module does not exist, then our development team will create (code) the module for your website and place it here. 

Website Appearance 

Our website layout and graphic design team then produce your website from the design brief, including text, images, video and any documents required for download. 
Each website is unique in style and functionality, designed from scratch just for you. 
Itseeze camberley website design example 1 Itseeze camberley website design example 2 Itseeze camberley website design example 3 Itseeze camberley website design example 4 Itseeze camberley website design example 5

Website Content 

Website content is king
"Content is King" so the saying goes and the initial website content produced and provided in the design brief is crafted into your website by the design team. Content includes: 
website copy (text and images) 
files required for download by your customers 
links to social media and videos 
So now the initial website is ready ... the question is what happens next, is it website editing or website design? 

Website Design - post going live 

Strictly speaking, everything else is editing. Adding new pages to your website is a simple and straightforward process shown in the video below, and the Itseeze website editor gives you the power of a website designer to create the page in the style you want, adding and editing the web page content .. so maybe it is website design with you as the designer ? 
website design - post launch

10 minutes to create a website page 

The following video takes you through a 10 minute real time web page creation process. It has an audio track explaining what is happening, 

Web design, content generation and SEO from Itseeze Camberley 

If you need advice, a cost effective means of monitoring the performance of your It'seeze website or tailored SEO packages please use the contact form below, call us on 01276 501285 or click on the "book an appointment" button to schedule an in person meeting or zoom call via our calendar management system. 
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The it'seeze customer support website provides a wealth of information and "how to" videos to help you maintain your website and utilize the features available to you. It can be accessed by clicking the logo below: 
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