BNI - Making the most of your 60 Seconds
Many BNI members put a lot of effort into producing their: 
and often more than they do in updating their primary marketing platform, their website. 

What is a BNI 60 second presentation? 

A good BNI 60-second presentation consists of 5 sections. Each section is designed to allow you to share specific information about you and your business with the members of your chapter and the visitors who are in attendance: 
Introduction - briefly describe your business and what it does - be creative. 
Information - tell a story, what differentiates you from your competition 
Ask - ask for the business, be specific about the type of specific referrals that you are looking for. 
Call to action - again be specific, who are you looking to be introduced to. 
Memory Hook - something that makes you stand out. 

What is a BNI 10 minute feature presentation? 

A good 10 minute presentation is not used to sell your products or services, it is used to educate and equip the members so that they can easily identify potential business for you (referrals), again a good BNI 10 minute presentation can be split into several parts: 
Introduction - Tell them what you are going to tell them and why you are imparting this knowledge 
Content - Tell them and impart knowledge 
Call to action - Tell them what you have told them and ask for something specific 
Take questions - you are the expert in your field, plant some questions related to your presentation with a member of the chapter if this will help. 

What is a BNI education slot? 

This SHOULD be a little more BNI centric, and is intended to provide an opportunity for the group to learn or refresh ideas to help them get the most out of their business networking. It can cover such topics as : 
Gaining referrals from your social network 
Top 10 ways to waste your time when business networking 
The importance of substitutes 
Making a great first impression 
BNI - What are your USP's 
BNI - Know, Like, Trust 
How not to network 

Using your BNI presentations on your website 

That will be over 50 pieces of fresh content, with the latest news applicable to your business and full of searchable keyword rich terms, which you have already produced. 
Post the content to your website as a blog post - you have already written it after all 
Publish teaser summaries to your Google My Business and Bing Palaces for business feeds linking back to your website blog post 
Create teaser posts on your linkedin profile, business facebook page, business twitter account linking back to your website blog post 
And don't forget to mention BNI - you may be surprised at the results. 

BNI Camberley - Business Networking in Camberley 

Run by business owners for business owners, BNI Camberley is the premiere business networking group in the area with a focus on generating business for its members. Meeting weekly on a Thursday, it provides a relaxed yet structured networking environment building relationships both personal and business. 

BNI Camberley Members 

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